We are in Beta

CollabDeen is in beta phase.

A beta test is typically the last test performed by companies prior to releasing a product. It is a test that involves real customers using their products in real environments. From identifying critical bugs to providing general opinions and ideas about the product, a beta test allows customers to play a vital role in helping make sure that products are ready for primetime and that they meet customers' needs. That's the role you're playing for CollabDeen – and we really appreciate it!

We have chosen to pre-release CollabDeen App and Platform in open-beta to enable us and individuals accessing this platform during beta phase (beta users), to test different features and functionality for potential inclusion in the final release of this platform.

Your feedback

We greatly value and appreciate feedback from beta users. Feedback helps us to design and create a better online experience, and ensure that the final release of this App and Platform is optimised to best meet users' needs and interests.

Beta users are encouraged to contact us here if they have any comments or feedback or encounter any errors while using this website.

During Beta

During beta phase, the Terms of Use below apply subject to the following conditions:

  • (a) We reserve the right to change the features and functionality of this CollabDeen App and Platform at any time during beta phase without notice to beta users and communities. This may include permanently disabling previously available features and functionality.
  • (b) We reserve the right to end beta phase at any time. We will use reasonable efforts to notify beta users when we plan to end beta phase, and we will provide beta users and communities the opportunity to cancel their accounts prior to the end of beta phase.
  • (c) Beta users who do not cancel their accounts before the end of beta phase will have their accounts automatically converted to regular user accounts for the final release of the platform. This will be the case irrespective of whether a beta user has a regular or premium user account during beta phase. 
  • (d) We reserve the rights to change the SaaS subscription from Freemium model (free features) to Premium model (paid features)
  • (e) The fees and charges that will apply to premium community accounts for the final release may change from what is described anywhere on the App, Websites or any social media platforms.
  • (f) We make no warranties or representations that during beta phase that this website will be free from errors (including major errors) or that beta users will have uninterrupted access to or use of this website.
  • (g) Although our open-beta release will open to most of the countries, we may have step-by-step approach to release full version in each country or region, subjected to our growth and business area.
  • (h) Although we will do our best to ensure that the final release occurs as soon as possible following the end of beta phase, we do not guarantee that the final release will occur within a reasonable time after the end of beta phase.

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