Here’s how to view your iOS permissions:

  1. Tap the Profile icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap ⚙ to open Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap 'Apps > Permissions>CollabDeen'

Location (GPS and network-based) - ios
Mandatory? Yes 👍
Why? Prayer Timings, Qibla Finder, Nearby Communities, CollabDeen Experience.
Usage? We use users location to display accurate Prayer Timing & Qibla Direction features are dependant on users location & varies from location to location, and for other services that improve your core app experience.

Camera (Take pictures and videos) - ios
Mandatory? No 😊
What? Take pictures, videos, and Augmented Reality engine view.
Usage? Download Document such as PDF, doc, or an audio.
We ask access to camera permission when a user wants to upload or take any picture from his phone & upload on platform as a profile image, community posts, event images or community profile pic. Also our Augmented reality engine would need this to show AR Qibla Finder, Nearby communities and more.

Storage Access Permission
No 😊
What? Storage Permissions Modify or delete the contents of your shared storage.
Usage? If you want to download any document which is attached to a community post, then we need access to storage permission on your phone to download the document & place it under downloads.

Alarm Service
Mandatory: No
What?Set an alarm or run at startup - Play sound according to prayer notification
Usage? App notifies with a sound when clock hits the exact time for praying as per the location & convention, Run at Startup is to make sure receive the Prayer Timing Notifications after you restart the device.

Calendar Service - ios
Mandatory: No 😊
What? Read calendar events to add community events to your local calendar
Usage? Based on user action to add event to calendar. CollabDeen helps user to get remainder of any event which user wants to attend based on his RSVP. 

Notification Service (iOS)
Mandatory: No 😊
What? In app notification services
Usage? To send notifications to user for any updates shared by Admin or any other informative data we use In-App Notifications for Prayer Timings, Event Invite, Announcements, Community Membership functionalities and more.

Network Permissions

Full network access
Send and receive photos, chats, and other data.

Additional generic permissions (non mandatory)

Read phone status and identity
Autofill your phone number when you register for CollabDeen, for your convenience.

Receive text messages (SMS)
Autofill the SMS code that CollabDeen sends you during phone number verification, for your convenience.

Record audio
Use your microphone to record audio for Podcast, Chat, and more.

Read your own contact card
Autofill your full name when you edit it in CollabDeen settings, for your convenience.

Pair with Bluetooth devices
Pair with Spectacles via Bluetooth.

Access Bluetooth settings
Automatically pair with Spectacles you’ve previously set up.

To track the referral details of user ( Medium, Source)

Vibrate for Prayer Timings & Post Reactions & Interactions

Wake Lock
Play Audio without making phone sleep & play audio 

Foreground Service
Allows App to run some services like Audio play in foreground

Allows App to run some services like Audio play in foreground

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