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We are introducing a community engagement app for your own community. We aim to equip every Muslims communities with high technology and sophisticated platform which can turn every Mosques / Community Centre to Smart Mosques / Community Centre in seconds.

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This is the App that which you only need to engage with your organization for all community needs. The results will see the community involved, engaged and productive bonding for your organization adding values to the community. 

We are picking 5 community in each city, in your country, and we got you to offer a FREE mobile platform for a year.We only need your confirmation that you would like to opt-in to this program which is for very limited period and limited communities. It would be our honor and pleasure to work with your prestigious organization in this digital transformation.

Please take a moment to go through our attached proposal and fill up the information and sign-up for FREE. No obligations and no credit card details needed. Inshallah we hope we can deliver value to your organization/Mosque and to your community. 

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We are a Singapore based Muslim Tech Startup looking to add value to global Muslims ummah, InshaAllah let's do it together.

We're in Private Beta