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Membership is the best way to support us, and we have build our our membership platform to not just cater to our supporters but to open up for 4 million communities worldwide.

So how does it work and how much does it cost to be a CollabDeen Member?
FREE. If you are unemployed, under the age of 18, don't have a card, or don't have the financial resources to help us, you will be granted free membership!  Simply invite 12 friends, to get $120 worth of premium subscriptions and we will grant you this with love, peace, and mercy.

$10 - For everyone else who is able,We ask that you help us with as little as $12 a month (or $120 per year, SubhanAllah) because we have made our membership package affordable for all!

Many who have been financially blessed and can provide a little more money for our work will receive a gift from Allah (swt). Anything you donate over $10 will go towards memberships for those who cannot afford one! As a result, we work together as an ummah to assist one another.

This is, in our opinion, the easiest and most beautiful way to operate, Inshallah.

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