Refer a Friend to CollabDeen

Invite friends to CollabDeen and earn more features and unlock premium App

In our attempt to build a strong community of CollabDeen users who work together and support each other in today's increasingly online world, we have launched a referral program where anyone can give their friends a free 12 month of CollabDeen and even win up to USD 500. Here's all the information on how to participate in CollabDeen referral program.


Inviting others to the program

You can earn extra features by inviting your friends to try out CollabDeen:

  • CollabDeen Basic accounts get limited access per referral 
  • CollabDeen Premium accounts gets you Unlimited features, No 3rd party-Ads and premium feature access - all this worth $120/year

To invite someone from CollabDeen App (Android or iOS phones)

  1. Sign in to CollabDeen App.
  2. Click the Referral dashboard from the homepage.
  3. Select Invite Friends.
  4. Select Share on Whatsapp/other apps.

Once you've sent the referral, the person you referred will need to complete these steps before you both receive bonus:

  • Click the link in the referral email, and accept the invitation to sign up
  • Install the CollabDeen App
  • Sign in from the app (not join as guest)
  • You will see them in your referred dashboard

Note: Sharing the Invite link doesn't count as a referral, they need to signup.


How it works
Refer CollabDeen - How it works


More details if you are enjoying reading the Referral system:

All CollabDeen users now have the option to refer CollabDeen to their friends directly from CollabDeen App referral dashboard and track the progress, and to offer them a free signup and you earn 12 months CollabDeen Premium Subscription.

We want to keep CollabDeen App experience completely ad-free for our members, with safety and security.
We believe that this is the best and most beautiful way to operate without forcefully charging for services. So you can help us share with 12 people to get 12 months of Subscription worth $120.
Refer CollabDeen - We need your help
For everyone else who is able,
we ask that you 'Support us' with as little as $10 a month (that's $120 a year, SubhanAllah). For those who have been blessed financially and can offer a little more support for our work, your reward will be from Allah (swt) anything more you donate above $10 you will be contributing towards the membership of those who cannot afford a membership thus we work collectively as an ummah helping each other.

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