Questions? We Have Answers.

Questions? We Have Answers 

How much does it cost to use CollabDeen?
The CollabDeen platform is Free. However, if you need more features, you can contact us to check which plan suits you best.
What type of events can I create?
First off, you can create an unlimited amount of events and have as many people as you'd like register. No limitations. CollabDeen Events can be used for events such as training, workshops, conferences, seminars and much more.
Who can see my CollabDeen profile picture and cover photo?
Your current profile picture and cover photo are public, so they can be seen by anyone on CollabDeen. However you are able to select profile avatars.
How can I get safe and positive content on CollabDeen?
Learn how to recognize sensitive content and behavior and how to report it.
How do I report an account for impersonation?
A fake account is an account where someone is pretending to be something or someone that doesn't exist. Go to the profile of the impersonating account and select Report.
How do I know if the Community on CollabDeen is authentic?
CollabDeen practices 2 ways notification and also apply our KYC (know Your Community) approach to ensure that the community is authentic before labeling the community Verified.
Is my data safe?
Our cloud infrastructure protects data 24/7 and our data are encrypted. Encryption brings a higher level of security and privacy to our services.
Will I able to know if there's something suspicious taking place on my device?
We’ll proactively notify you if we detect something that we think you should know about, such as a suspicious login or a malicious website, file or app, and provide guidance to help you stay better protected.
Is CollabDeen compliant?
CollabDeen is compliant. We are PPDA, GPDR, EU/US Privacy Shield and ISO 27018 certified. To top it off, CollabDeen has a Data Protection Officer.
What can I do to keep my CollabDeen account secure??
Protect your password and never share your login information.

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