There are many questions to address when implementing a collaboration, communication and payment solution. Is my data and that of my customers in safe hands? Will I receive timely funds? Will my payment page always be accessible to customers?

CollabDeen infrastructure meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and stability. And we have the right control mechanisms to ensure it.

Availability, uptime and processing speed

CollabDeen systems have been designed for maximum uptime through global cloud solutions developed on Amazon web services (AWS) and Google services, and other services with a redundant and stateless service-oriented architecture (SOA) that simultaneously accepts payments with our payment partners Stripe, RazorPay and other well known leaders in payment solutions.

CollabDeen standard real-time reporting dashboard contains SLA reports. Processing speed is typically under one second, including risk checks, depending on the speed of the underlying acquirer and/or issuer involved. It has been designed to handle large volume including comprehensive fraud screening.

Hosting facilities

CollabDeen currently hosts its main systems in separate data centers in Singapore, Europe, in the United States and Australia. We administer and manage all our own servers. All payments processed are stored with respective payment partners maintaining highest quality. We do not outsource any administration to third parties, nor do we use any public cloud services for payment processing.

CollabDeen achieves maximum redundancy for its customers.

Software and hardware

CollabDeen is fully built ground-up on cloud and open source software. This gives us maximum control over our software components while remaining independent of any third party. All development, system administration, networking, database administration and security activities are performed in-house by CollabDeen experts.


The majority of our developers are employed by CollabDeen at our Tech Hub in Bangalore and Singapore headquarters, and work closely together with CollabDeen departments around the world. Crucially, we publish new releases of our core system every week or two – without downtime and without the active involvement of our customers.

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