How it works - CollabDeen


Super High Engagement

We've built something customers love to use. In fact, we see 34%+ of customers engage and leave you ratings and valuable comments on your events, programs, and bring in more brothers and sisters to the community.


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Event ratings that you can trust

Our advanced algorithms and biometric techniques, which never compromise privacy, remove any risks of staff or children skewing the results. Kind of like a junk mail filter.


Ridiculously easy to use

The CollabDeen admin portal has brains & beauty, viewing trends or responding to your community engagements using our Smart dashboard is easy. You can use these tools while from the community, or while on travel works great on your Phone.


Intelligent analysis delivered to you

Be notified of your customer comments instantly, or alternatively, opt for notification only when there is an issue. Our most popular features are our daily and weekly email reports, which tell you exactly what you need to know.


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No IT team required. Just add power

CollabDeen devices are ready to go out of the box. There's no IT integration or technical stuff to do, just create a community online and plug it in to your real community members via their smart phones & and you're good to go!


Let's talk about your customer experience

Let’s book in a 10min slot to chat about your situation, we will also send some more info as soon as we receive your details.
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