Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are centered around:

Our Workplace – our commitment to being an employer that demonstrates Trust, Care & Commitment in all interactions with our most valuable resource, being our employees;

Our Environment – reducing any harmful impact we have on the environment;

Our Community – actively participating in and contributing to community initiatives with the intention of enriching and adding value to those networks;

Our Marketplace – applying best practice and fair and responsible consideration to all our network including our clients, candidates, contractors, stakeholders, suppliers and partners.

At CollabDeen we endeavor to be responsible corporate citizens through our commitment to:

  • Our values and ethos that shape our organisation;
  • Our impact on the environment;
  • Our commitment to diversity in recruitment and within our own team;
  • Our behaviour as an employer, as a supplier of technology services and as a consumer;
  • Our corporate governance policies;
  • Our relationships with staff, peers, candidates, contractors, clients, stakeholders, suppliers and partners;
  • Our employee’s well-being.
We're on a mission