Community Admin Benefits

The future is here. In about 12 months from the day you launch CollabDeen things will look a little different at your community. Here are a few things that will happen that you need to share with your leadership and eventually with your Mosque/Community Centre members

Increased Attendance at Mosque Events & Other Gatherings

Once everyone is on here & using the RSVP feature (Subhanallah - Yes, Inshallah - May be, and Decline) attendance will increase at your events. It’s both common sense & the result of tons of research, but here’s how we know this. People tend to go to places once they know who is going. The RSVP feature will tell them this if you encourage your members to utilize it. On top of that, everyone can share and invite anyone within your APPROVED community (an outsider unless approved by community admin cannot view) with just a simple click of a button


Push Notifications Keep You in Touch

CollabDeen wants your members to remember to go and view the app from time to time. The more activity on the app, the more informed and involved your members will be. CollabDeen sends out push notifications when the following things happen:
• A new Event, Need, or Media is Posted to the App
• A Follower of your Mosque sends you a “Connection Request” (admin)
• Something changes on a post that you’ve “hearted” or commented on
• Something changes on an event that you’ve RSVP’d to.


Members will never forget a face (for long)

A Mosque member will see someone at Mosque that they met the week before, quickly surf through the app, and find their name and info. This will prevent the awkward “avoidance” because you don’t remember their name. And believe it or not, this matters! This feature will actually help “build" community in your Mosque. 


Members will be more connected

 You’ll find that the app creates more face-to-face, real community. Why? Because you can read about people in your Mosque. You can even call them, email them, or connect in other ways to them (only if the other person enables himself to see, your privacy is utmost important). Before this app, you had to ask them for their business card or you could try & search for them on Facebook. Both are difficult if you barely know the person. In fact, today, most people have contact info for only a handful of fellow Mosque members & almost none of them possess this data in the place they need it most: their phone! Watch as those barriers to community are torn down because of CollabDeen's Smart Mosque App


More information About the needs of the Mosque/Community

 As people share prayer requests, Mosque events, & service projects, people will be more aware of all that your Mosque and your members are involved in. Your people will remember friends they’ve prayed for and when they see them, they’ll give them a hug, more people will get involved in service projects that match their gifts and talents, and new members will feel less like outsiders and will more quickly assimilate into the culture and life of your Mosque.


More Community and Service Then Ever Before

 Now that people know each other better and don’t have to hunt down contact information, your members are now more likely to get together outside of Mosque. Whether for coffee, a Quranic lesson or to go and serve in the community. The app will help to create more spontaneous and organic community than you ever had before. 


Giving Will Increase

Today, people give on Friday morning. For just a brief 5 minutes, people pull out cash or a check & give. But most Mosques lose gifts because many people do not carry cash or checks (some studies say more than 35% of people in Mosque on Friday have no ability to give). Did you know less than 40% of people who would have given at Mosque will actually take the time to give later. Your major community challenge becomes a boon with CollabDeen, you will erase the excuses & tear down the walls to giving. People will also give more because they will have a simple and easy way to give anywhere they are inspired to do so: At the Mosque, Quranic class, during festive, at your home lying on sofa,… etc

We're on a mission