Brand Partners

One of the core functions of CollabDeen is to establish an eco-system allowing organisations with similar values and objectives in the Islamic space, to be involved as partners with CollabDeen. Our partnership are multi-level.

Strategic partnerships between brands can be a mutually beneficial relationship. It is basically the alliance of two totally different companies that get together to form and sell a new product telling of their uniqueness.

Brand collaboration will boost audience, reach new markets, and gain greater distribution and eventually revenue.

In this case study, you’ll see brand collaboration examples that fit the bill and represent a win-win for brands and consumers.

Why Co-branding?

“Double Marketing Budget and Half the Cost”

Co-branding opportunities allow you to launch a brand new product and divide the expenses together with your partner.

With this, you’ll gain visibility, and reach a new audience. When two brands come together to form a co-branding partnership, they automatically are given the opportunity to gain the interest of each other’s market.

It can help your startup in establishing credibility. The consumers who are already in love with one brand will automatically trust the newly introduced product.

Benefits of Co-branding
  • Create financial benefits
  • Provide customers with greater value
  • Improve on a property’s overall image
  • Strengthen an operation’s competitive position
  • Create operational advantages

We are also proud to mention that CollabDeen is also the first marketplace for content streaming.  Great content made available coming from today’s best industry players, brands, bloggers and content writers. 

We provide high quality content to high quality users. CollabDeen will show up curated content based on user interest, location, demography. We have already partnered with big names in Islamic Digital Economy who are global content providers. 

If you wish to enroll yourself as content which will be viewed by a large Muslim population, its now before its too late, take up one of the respective gig.

There's something brilliant about that co-branded product: It's a fun way to marry two classic brands into one delicious experience for fans of baking and chocolate alike.

You must have seen Uber + Spotify, Coke + McDonald, Android + KitKat, did something click? 

Let's partner and make it big. Please contact us at partner (at) collabdeen (dot) com for further exact details. Proposals are in place for your perusal.

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