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It's All About People

At CollabDeen, we believe people are at the core of everything - and we're always looking for the very best people to join our team! 

It's a startup, it's risky, and it's unpaid at the moment - we barely have time to put something up on the 'Join the Team' page!

If we didn't scare you off yet but if you're interested in changing the world and living a meaningful life and joining us on this journey, there are a few ways to get involved.

How much time do i dedicate?

10-15 hrs per week, for 3 months 

When are we starting next?

20th July 2020, 5th Oct 2020 and 2nd Feb 2020

What do you get? 

  • Certificate from Singapore based company for Participating
  • Internship Letter / Certificate
  • Brand recognition within your country/city, officially recognized for your work
  • Monetary benefits based on your efforts and brand building 

How to get started? 

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