About Us - Founders


Our founders are driven by a greater cause and inspired by our positive vision, driven by our mission to solve the world's most complex challenges and deliver a better world.


Fateh Ali

CEO & Co-founder

Fateh Ali is a visionary entrepreneur who’s build tech products and founded multiple companies & is recognised social entrepreneur in Global Islamic Ecosystem for many technology-driven collaborations - with a vision to bridge gaps to serve society and help them live a faithful, harmonious and progressive life using technology.

Claiming from the age of 9 that he’d one day be the CEO of his own enterprise, Fateh set up several small scale businesses before establishing CollabDeen; born out of a real need of community collaboration in this fast technology era where Muslim communities were lacking technology. He is backed with 12 years of corporate technology experience in Investment banking and 13 years into entrepreneurship, he has a lot of values to be shared with.



Mohamed Hussain

CTO & Co-Founder

Hussain is a Texas based Technology Architect. Hussain with immense technology consulting experiences with startups where he gained considerable mobile technology experience with multi-platform communication and payment systems. He has also held engineering leadership roles, scaled engineering team from 10 to hundreds of people across multiple locations.

Starting CollabDeen was his move to utilize all of his technical and creative skills, building market-leading technology platform from the ground up. He now leads an ever growing team of talented developers and designers helping drive the shared mission of creating the effortless platform that the world transacts upon.


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