September 25, 2018


Sheikh Mohammed Irfan is the Vice President of Global Operations a company that helps other companies develop in investment, technology, blockchain, policies and cybersecurity. By its very nature, Global Operations has to stay ahead of the curve. We spoke with Sheikh Mohammed Irfan regarding his inspirations and aspirations.

What you wanted to be when you were young? 

As a kid I was just like every other kid. I wanted to be several things starting from being an astronaut, pilot, scientist among others. But in a nutshell, I was always a dreamer and wanted to be things which were considered “beyond my reach” or the traditional job descriptions of the environment that surrounded me.

Why do you do what you do? (Be Honest. Is this what you really wanted to do since young?)
As a dreamer, my childhood dream was to change the world and create positive impact across societies. Today, I work in emerging technologies through investment, knowledge harnessing and supporting societies and communities. I love what I do, because I feel that this is my way to contribute towards the global society, making visions in to reality and harnessing knowledge every day.

Why did you choose to take up this career path (Entrepreneurship/Work)?
I believe as an individual it is part of my lifelong commitment to venture into risky space, learning through creating-executing new ideas and relishing on the opportunities of breaking boundaries and overcoming new challenges.

What led you here? How did you discover your passion?
I think my life and career was all about pursuing my dreams and passions. However, there was a point in my life while working in the research space; I realized that it was the right time for me to execute my internal plans to change the world. From that moment onwards, my key motto of life has been “Non Facta Non Verba” which means “Actions speak louder than words”.

How did you realise this work you do is something you are good at and that the masses will benefit from you?
First of all, I do not like the word masses as it signifies and structure a large number of unique individuals in to a cluster. Rather I believe that the future will be personalized on a micro level which will cater to each individual in finer details and create widespread efficiency. The way I came to that realization by communicating and understanding subjects, processes, challenges and opportunities from numerous individuals across the world. I believe that was my biggest realization and I believed working together as communities, individuals we will be able to benefit the entire world. Therefore, I think the benefit is a two way process where I as an individual and the society as a collective are a mutually inclusive entity and ensure success.

Would you say this current career is something you pursue as a part of your passion?
My career involves in finding, supporting and growing disruptive business based on technologies. They aspect of my work involves working with entrepreneurs who are taking the risk to change the status quo. Through direct facilitation, I believe I am able to nurture numerous ideas which are fundamentally in line with my thought process. Furthermore, it allows me to gauge the reality of dreams and which are the indicators of pragmatic and successful business models.

What do you love most about your work?
Technology as always had been at the heart of what I do in life. I believe technology is one of the supreme tools in our tool kit to address deficiency in our everyday life and work. Actualizing such technologies and seeing them add value and grow is one of my biggest satisfactions.

What is your motivation in life, have you identified your 'life purpose’?
It is a very difficult question as I feel that life is a very broad term for countless of experience in a specific time frame. That said, I think I am still learning and evolving my life’s purpose. However, I believe it has been in line with what I always believed throughout my life which is to work with dedication, passion, intuition, intelligence and vision. Therefore, every day I believe that I want to add new attributes to my skin suit and learn proactively.

What is the next big milestone for you in your life?
Currently, I am enabling Blockchain technology across the globe. My biggest milestone in the near future would be to witness the actual positive effects on society through it. This will be directly in alignment with my day to day work that I am putting in on the basis of my understanding.

What are your advices for those who were inspired to be like you?
I believe I am still not a finished entity and would have to go a long way before considering myself as such. That said, I believe every individual is unique and possesses unique qualities among them. Therefore, to know you is very important as that will provide the direction of the strengths one would need to accentuate and weaknesses to resolve. Additionally, one must be true to themselves, work with dedication and passion to whatever they are best at, cultivate knowledge proactively, be willing to take the risk and explore out of one’s comfort zone, never to harbour preconceived notions and lastly there is no limit to what one can do.

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