May 05, 2018



CollabDeen is the leading Islamic Digital Economy technology company. Concentrating on research and design, we strategically planned and developed future technology for the Islamic Digital Economy. CollabDeen is the World's First technology platform for Muslim communities.

  • At CollabDeen, our success is built on our disciplined technology research and development methodology. With more than 25 years of technology expertise, CollabDeen spends approximately 2-4 years for each project, researching the potential and identifies the path of growth.

Our team employs a top-down approach to researching the technology.  Comprising of highly skilled and passionate individuals, our team are committed to uphold our core values of customer centricity, innovation, and excellence.

Thoroughness of research is one of the most significant variables affecting the success of technology. With that approach, we have patented 4 technological products .

Our team specialise in SaaS, FinTech, Enterprise Applications, Mobile, Technology, Communication and Collaboration, Community Management System and many more. 

Our vision is to give Muslims the power which completes their daily Islamic necessities and at the same time engage and connect them with their communities.

We created a device which is so immersive that you disappear into the experience. And so advanced that it serves your daily Islamic necessities without you even noticing that you are doing anything.

With CollabDeen, that vision is now a reality.

Welcome to the future.



CollabDeen is a portmanteau, deriving from the the words, "Collaboration" and  "Deen".

CollabDeen is the collaboration of Ummah in achieving success towards the Deen.

The idea is translated into the logo which represents the letter "D" for Deen and as well the huruf dāl (د) in Arabic. This significant meaning depicts the infusion of the two world.

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