October 01, 2018



Salam Singapore!


And as promised, this first release is made only for Singaporean communities. You and your community are among the first community in Singapore to use our CollabDeen platform for free. Before we begin, there are few important pointers that we need to go through.Please read below for a guided step assistance.

Step 1

Download CollabDeen from the Google PlayStore. Create your Mosque Community / Organization on the CollabDeen platform.

Step 2

If you are not the community Admin, nominate or select a Community / Organization admin from your Community / Organization. The selected Admin personnel will play the Admin role, managing the community tasks with the given specific digital authority. 

Step 3

Encourage your community members to download CollabDeen from the Google PlayStore 

Step 4

Invite the users to be your Community / Organization members.


Please be informed that this is a Basic Version of our App.

Though the App has gone through rigorous testing, there are still possibilities of bugs and issues on our App.

To report any feedback, please shake your handphone. You will be greeted with a prompt on your handphone screen.

Being a part of our Beta release means that you agree to help us out and report issues and give feedback as much as you can.

Note: For this Beta Version, please keep the number of users to maximum 100 users only.  

We will send you a notifications in 2 weeks to increase the amount of users.

Download on Android

Version 1.0 Beta Release

Upon download, you will be able to signup and use the following features.


1) Create Community

2) Invite members to your community

3) Create events

4) Invite people to your events

5) Basic prayer timings

6) Augmented Reality Qibla Finder

7) Go-around all sections of app and the Menu and Sub-Menu

Our next updates will allow multiple Moderators function.

If you happen to experience any bugs issues during the use of the CollabDeen App or you have questions for the team, worry not, you only need to shake your phone (3 times) to


  1. a) Report a bug
  2. b) Chat with our team


We are active on our internal Facebook group and we request you to please join our private CollabDeen Community to connect with other Communities and Community Admins.

With your support and duas, we are very excited for the journey ahead!

Thank you!


Get started from PlayStore

Download on Android

Apple users stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page

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