August 06, 2018


The CollabDeen Beta Version is out! 

The launch of LIVE BETA on Google PlayStore (Android first) is on track as per the plans on release on August 14th 2018. A day highly anticipated by the team behind CollabDeen.

CollabDeen v1.0 Beta will transition into beta-live on the date, starting with a few selected early users to benefit from

The purpose of beta-live is to allow CollabDeen to put the platform and technologies in a monitored, controlled environment to determine if there is an "OK" signal to start accepting the massive influx of CollabDeen community users who are eager to begin with community collaboration with our available features.

Version 1.0 Beta Release

Upon download, you will be able to signup and use the following features.

1) Create Community

2) Invite members to your community

3) Create events

4) Invite people to your events

5) Basic prayer timings

6) Augmented Reality Qibla Finder

7) Go-around all sections of app and the Menu and Sub-Menu

This will initially be a closed Beta, which means that we will start off with a limited number of users for testing purposes. The closed Beta period could run anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. As long as we believe is needed to ensure a stable, and above all, secure product.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney

Following the closed Beta we will kick-off with our Private Beta period. Controlled (but fast) scaling of users based on the order of our waiting-list. The application form for signing up for our CollabDeen App v1.0 Beta can be found on our currently revised website that will be online next week.

Expected Timelines

7th August 2018 - Closed Beta

7th September 2018 - Private Beta

7th October 2018 – Global Beta Launch (for early backers and signup)

During the Beta period our customer and technical support will be on high alert. All support related questions and issues, worry not, you only need to shake your phone (3 times) to

       a) Report a bug

       b) Chat with our team

We are getting active on our internal Facebook group and we request to please join our private CollabDeen Community to connect with other testers and community admins here.

With you support and duas, we are very excited for the journey ahead!

Thank you!

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