What a year 2020 has been here at CollabDeen.

We’ve been busy making real changes to the communities around us, as well as around the world. All these could not have been possible without the hard work of our Collab'ers team, our various business partners- community admins/moderators/members/supporters, and the CollabDeen users themselves.

2020 has been a crazy ride, and certainly a year of change, uncertainty, and adaptability for all of us -alhamdulillah. Despite that, we hope we can look back on what we’ve accomplished together.We stayed hopeful and to remained positive at all times and most importantly, have faith in the goodness of the plan of Allah. 
We've had over 100,000 content view and engagements on our platform by public and private communities, downloads from over 32 countries - we had many failures yet we are coming strong for 2021 with all your support.
With new features for users and administrators and a new Ramadan experience is something all are excited about, upon the new safe and secure measure will make it easy to keep.
All of us created records and milestones:
  • With Callithon, we built a community of 900 Arabic calligraphers globally, in just 20 days
  • Our design & development teams did a record-marathon project in 7 days, a successful internal milestone gave us further confidence.
  • An intelligent RSVP feature to support communities - a Covid-19 feature helping manage limited people to turn up for events and Friday prayers.
  • Membership subscription: Collect your community membership fee in auto-pilot mode, brings more money to your community (launching next week)
  • Audio podcast, polls and multiple documents and images sharing was greatly received.
  • Won some awards and featured in over 110 news media publishing, globally.
  • Supported global conferences - likeiHalalExpo andReimagine: Halal in Asia 2020Conference.
We’re humbled of what we’ve accomplished this year in the face of all the challenges that came our way. For 2021, we hope to better ourselves and to collaborate. We will build up a lot of new partnerships, can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2021 and beyond. 
We've some incredibly exciting things we cannot wait to bring to you all next year.
Keep growing, keep collaborating
Some of our global community trending highlights for communities

  • World's 79% of the faith-based communities were closed at least for 2 months
  • 75 million Muslims globally went on to Zoom to connect with their communities since Ramadan 2020. This trend is going to go big by upcoming Ramadan in April 2021. Digital platforms and Apps like CollabDeen which has Zoom integration will help as a great catalyst to connect and collaborate at all fronts.
  •  Read more such highlights here 

Do you have an app for your community collaboration? We are giving away 6 months CollabDeen Pro version ($800) free when your community onboards before 30 Jan 2021. Book a Demo today. 

Join us for building communities globally.

We are partnering with communities, community builders, collaborators, policy makers and everyone. If you are a student and looking for internship, we have an ambassador program. Just hit jobs@collabdeen.com

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