“ CollabDeen is neither a Social Media platform nor a religious platform. We are beyond social media engagement, what happens after and beyond social media publishing is what we do. We are community builders for brands, businesses, and influencers. Our global diverse team has the technology and expertise to bring your business and brands to life, on one mobile platform.” – Fateh, CEO

Social media -- the first mass medium to allow people to publicly share their thoughts, feelings and lives with others -- has become dangerously inauthentic. From cries of "fake news" to the rise of bots, bogus followers and other trolls, it's hard to know whom, what or where to trust.

What are the causes to all these?
Fake news, hate crimes, are all the results of irresponsible journalism.
Responsibility is at the heart of real journalism: careful collecting of facts, examining data, talking to sources, fact checking — and organizing it all so that it can be well understood by people not familiar with the subject. Sensationalize news or made up news is not journalism, whether it’s some satirical website or an overeager cub reporter at a prestige newspaper.
Although social media is a powerful information tool, they are also potent forces that can be used to spread lies include fake news and misinformation just like journalism.

How are we different from social media?
What made CollabDeen different from Social Media is how the communities and users are arranged in the platform. The dimensions of community’s engagements differentiate us altogether.  

Unlike Social Media platform which allows horizontal engagement, CollabDeen only allows Vertical community engagement.

Vertical community engagement is particularly associated and generally initiated from the top down, even if a bottom up process is adopted. There is no two-way communication.

Examples might include a Mosque seeking community involvement in repairing the area,  a charity body attempting to engage community members in a fund-raising initiative or a government organization wanting community involvement in planning.

Vertical community engagement is where communities, organizations, bodies, business, or other organizations want to engage the community in consultation, volunteering, decision-making or in some other aspect of their work.

Claiming Of Community
CollabDeen Community is to be managed only by official administrator of the community.

In the case that a community has been claimed by a non-official administrator of the community, the admin role played by the user who claimed the community is only temporary.
When the official administrator of the community finally claims the community, the temporary admin will have to surrender hi or her position to the official administrator.

During the process of claiming a community, any user or administrator needs to go through CollabDeen KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Users will need to submit an image of themselves with a supporting document to prove the authenticity of their identity.
They are also required to submit a supporting document of the Community they wish to claim and be the administrator in-charge.

Our  Goals
We are very strict with responsible posting of content and we take this matter seriously to prevent our platform being used to spread online falsehood and society defragmentation. CollabDeen is compel to remove content which we deem to be false.

Security & Compliance
CollabDeen is committed to work with policymakers in making both the physical and the internet world a safe and harmonious place to be for everyone.

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Do you have an app for your community collaboration? We are giving away 6 months CollabDeen Pro version ($800) free when your community onboards before 30 Jan 2021. Book a Demo today. 

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Anti-Discrimination Policy - CollabDeen
Anti-Discrimination Policy - CollabDeen


CollabDeen Global is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon religious beliefs and sect age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.
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