What Happened To CollabDeen?

For those who have been wondering, it’s true, our App was taken down by Google Play. During the period, we had received emails and messages from concerned users and supporters asking what had happened to our App and why are they not allowed to access the app.

We are glad to announce that we have successfully overcome the temporary challenge and would like to thank all our supporters and users for your continuous support, prayers, and belief.

We are now live and back to normal service.

We’re back stronger with the fact that there are thousands of users, and 100s of communities from 25+ countries waiting patiently to use our services. All these could not happen without the unwavering support that we received. Thank You!

Before we proceed, please take some time to follow the following steps to enjoy the latest CollabDeen Community Experience. (This is only applicable to Android phone users only)

  1. Please uninstall the old ‘CollabDeen’ App from your Android Phones.
  2. Install our new Android app CollabDeen Circles here

👉P.s, your data has always and will always be safe with us. You can continue with your existing Login and Profile account without losing any Community or interactions that you have created previously on the CollabDeen App.

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After logging into the main app platform aggregator, Google Play, we received an official notification from the platform host stating that our App was suspended.

And just like that, all our creations, the thousands of user downloads, hundreds of communities from 25 countries globally, our positive 4.9-star reviews received, and all our organic marketing efforts in the past 1.5 years were completely gone!

Subhan Allah, this happened without any prior warning and it had certainly nothing to do with copyright issues.

We own all the licenses for every material on our platform, 100% compliant and we abide by all the laws.

Our content promotes nothing but advantages of technology disruption, community collaboration, unity and world peace - just like the way of our final prophet (peace be upon him).

Our app provides the technological platform for community growth both monetary and non-monetary purposes through our collaborative and productive features, digital donation & digital fundraising.  

The goal of the app platform is simply to educate the users about the modern technology solutions, the Deen, Community collaboration,  community growth and most importantly, how can all of us contribute to becoming a better member of our communities.

You’ll never find counter-productive content on our platform, neither content which promote hate nor division.

After this catastrophic event took place, we contacted Google immediately. And it turned out that we were not the only ones.

Google had its Privacy and Security constitution amended.

With the change, our Data Protection Officer (DPO), together with the technology team from CollabDeen and Google worked cohesively to have this challenge overcome. In all, the process took us 2 months of 25 different attempts before we went Live on Google Play once more.

Moving Ahead

Certainly, the challenge taught us 25 new approaches on how not to fail and a few other new lessons. One thing that we learned was somehow deep in our heart, we knew that we would overcome this challenge for we knew from the start what our objectives are: Collaboration for Inclusive and Peaceful communities.

In the span of 2 months hiatus, despite the challenge, our team still persevered, and our tech start-up still operates as usual. In the background, these are the few updates that we believe are worth mentioning.  

  • We’ve added additional layers of Privacy and Security which will give all our users' peace of mind and trust.
  • We've further enhanced our functionality.
  • We've successfully developed and created our new product, CollabDeen Kiosk.
  • CollabDeen kiosk was successfully launched in Sydney during December 2019.
  • Won Tech in Asia Jury's award.
  • Won many more hearts with our deep connection with customers around the world, while they showed sympathy on our issue, we got a chance to learn more about their pain points and how can we work better together.
  • Planned for more interesting features.
  • Further technology improvisation of the platform, making the app smoother and faster compared to the earlier version.
  • That’s not all, we've updated our app with new user experience and a few interesting new products features coming your way, (you can now comment on all the posts - given that your community administrator enables it.) 
  • We've prepared a lot of marketing and sales materials for educating our primary B2B customers - aka Community Centres, Mosques and Organisations.

To summarise, we’ve sorted the necessary and came back stronger. For those who prayed for us, sincerely, Thank you for being around and supporting us 🙏

Don’t miss out on any of our insightful updates and stories coming soon.

Salam & Peace!
Humble CollabDeen Team

Much love

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