CollabDeen is a technology company, the world’s first Muslim-Friendly App & Platform, Global Islamic Economy, Emerging deep technology, launches award-winning, social technology, bringing community collaboration in the MuslimTech domain

The Big Picture:
Many historians focus on the past of Islamic history, and we at CollabDeen has a unique perspective on how technology will shape the future, and that's what we spent most of our time on to make use of best of emerging technologies to build Muslim-friendly innovative products. We focus discussed the big vision and collaborate with investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and governments to profit while making life better for billions of people all over the world. Like whether the internet is uniting or fragmenting society, the various ways artificial intelligence could be evolved, how algorithms will advance to impact people's lives, and why it is so essential that we don't collect sensitive data in countries with limited rule of law or where governments can forcibly get access to that data.

What is CollabDeen?

CollabDeen is a Deep-Tech, AI-Powered, community management platform that helps Faith-based communities, Brands, Business and Influencers to grow their social community and build their audience. Admins get a beautiful, real-time view of their community analytics that helps them participate in the continual development of their community. Businesses now with ability to build their niche audience in this fastest growing Global Islamic Economy, estimated USD$3.8 trillion by 2022.

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Mission:Our mission is to collaborate the Universal Muslim communities and make it globally engaging and convenient.


  • To provide convenience to communities for seamless engagements
  • To organize the Global Islamic Economy information for greater benefits
  • To provide access to the world’s information in one click

What can CollabDeen do and why is CollabDeen Unique?

We are the world’s first to marry Faith & Lifestyle on one platform, for 2 billion Muslims, specifically GUMMYs (Global Urban Muslim Millennial Youths). Using emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Geofencing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

CollabDeen is the future of Muslim community collaborations.

Who is CollabDeen for?

CollabDeen for Mosques & Islamic Centre

The faith-side of our platform, where we are digitizing Islamic Centre and Mosque, it's as good as your community centre or Mosque having your own app for your community management needs.Here anyone can create a community in 60 seconds to communicate and Collaborate with the local and global audience.

We provide Mosque & Islamic Community Centre admins a powerful tech platform & user-friendly app to connect, communicate and collaborate with their own local, and global cross community collaboration. Community administrators leverage CollabDeen with community management app for building offline-to-online collaboration using one App for activities such as Push-notifications, Relaying Community driven Prayer times, events with RSVP, membership and donation management. Community administrator gain insights, respond to questions, and address concerns in a familiar and frictionless way.

Being an administrator isn’t always easy. They are constantly managing various responsibilities and we understand how such a plethora of tasks can be tough to juggle. Moreover, community management is not only challenging but it’s still a relatively new practice within organizations.

We have gathered three of the top challenges administrators face regularly that we are solving:

Challenge 1: Reaching New Members

Challenge 2: Event Management

Challenge 3: Communicating with Members

CollabDeen will soon have aCommunity Emergency Response feature. The Community Emergency Response, will alert the entire community or seek emergency help from community members at the push of a button. This feature is a response to mitigate unforeseen catastrophic event such as the Christchurch shooting which took place in New Zealand this year. A vigilant community is the first step towards a safe and secure community

CollabDeen offers Information & Community Management, Collaboration, Performance and Privacy.

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Brands, Businesses and Influencers.

To provide a total community experience, CollabDeen has the Business Community.

CollabDeen Business Community is an avenue for you to build your business. Connect with not only the people who will love your business but get known by everyone in the Global Islamic Economy space.

Collabdeen will launch exciting tools for Business, Brands and Influencers. Amongst others, the AR engine will show mosques, community centers, halal food, restaurants, and events in the area, with customizable features such as prayer times from your nearby approved centre.

Businesses will be able to identify, interact and also engage with their global audience, gaining deep targeted insights to make better decisions. CollabDeen will offer community verified halal rating, KYC (Know Your Customer) verification processes and much more for the Global Islamic Economy.

“We are beyond social media engagement, what happens after and beyond social media publishing is what we do. We are community builders for brands, businesses, and influencers. Our global diverse team has the technology and expertise to bring your business and brands to life, on one mobile platform.” - Fateh


We take our users privacy seriously. As we move global, our system will get much focused on privacy which is built around several principles: Private interactions, encryption, reducing permanence, Safety, and finally secure data storage.


Our space is niche, The Global Islamic Economy

  1. Altogether there are approximately 2 Billion muslims, 3.5 million mosques,  50 million Islamic Community Centres and there are over 20 million Islamic events alone taking place in 2017
  2. There are around 2 billion Muslims walking on this planet – with an expenditure power of $2.6 trillion (2017)
  3. It is estimated By 2050, there will be 3 billion Muslims on earth – it’s not difficult to do the maths on the world’s fastest-growing faith-based economy.
  4. We are the first in the world to build this technology platform for community collaboration
  5. While at this stage we are focused on

One thing unique about CollabDeen is, we are theworld’s first to marry Faith & Lifestyle on 1 SaaS platform, catering to the 2 billion Muslims global population especially the Muslim Millennials. It will serve as abusiness to consumer (B2C) and Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) ” added Mohamed Husain, Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

“We want to share with the world the benefits of technology and digitalization. CollabDeen will empower the ummah to increase productivity, community building, innovation [and] security, thus achieving its primary focus: to bring benefits to all and create a harmonious, coexisting world to live in,”  Imran Bhojani, founding partner.

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Do you have an app for your community collaboration? We are giving away 6 months CollabDeen Pro version ($800) free when your community onboards before 30 Jan 2021. Book a Demo today. 

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Anti-Discrimination Policy - CollabDeen
Anti-Discrimination Policy - CollabDeen


CollabDeen Global is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon religious beliefs and sect age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.
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