Your community event booking Simplified with Intelligent RSVP!

How is your local community (mosque or centre) or nonprofits allowing the booking of Events?

For Friday Prayers, Milad, Youth events, Quran sessions or education sessions, etc.?

We have a new app update with 'Kids friendly Event' RSVP ready for use.

Mosque, islamic centre, Islamic schools


During covid-19 restrictions worldwide, we saw communities closing down without a planned approach just because you could not manage the members.


Google forms were tedious, and managing cancellations and turning up for events mismanaged with a massive task for administrators to justify their members attending events.


Our team has built a tech layer called 'INTELLIGENT RSVP' on top of our CollabDeen platform.

Intelligent RSVP


A solution to help communities run their restricted & limited gatherings with safety protocols and get back to normal in the most smooth manner.

- This automation will help Community members book an upcoming community visit in 1 click (congregation/prayers/etc.), and

Kids Friendly Events with CollabDeen

- Admins can set the event gathering size for people to book based on the local protocol allowed limit for public gathering, say, 50 people, and put 51st Person on the waitlist. If someone cancels the event amongst the confirmed, it will auto-confirm the waitlist user.

- (upcoming) The next event prioritizes the previously waitlisted members, so everyone gets a chance in their community to attend events + a combination based on a first-come, first-serve, and waitlist priority (there is more depth to it, will keep for later)


We need to learn from your city/country the measures, habits and tools used for booking. Your inputs will be of great help.


Admin event attendees list


1. Is your community allowing congregations? Yes/No

2. If yes, is it open for All or Limited People?

3. If Limited, how many? And how does the admin manage bookings? Is there any online system? Do they make it a First-come-first-serve basis? What are the defined rules?


Thank you in advance, and to appreciate your time, I will send a $10 amazon gift card to 2 random people. Feel free to tag someone who can answer these scenarios.

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