When Your Mosque Reopens, Here’s How to make it easy for all

Many mosque leaders make decisions that they have never before had to take.
For the first time, many mosques have been forced to close their doors to ensure their people's safety.

Our Mosques are now facing a set of difficult decisions: when to resume in-person ministries and how to carry out these community congregations safely. Here are 7 step guidelines which could help you plan an easy reopening.

Reopening the Religious places like Mosques and Community Centres is a glimmer of hope for the beginning of a return to normal life, especially since Millions of Mosques hosting Billions of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, and visitors from all over the world.

For the first time, others have been forced to use online giving to stay solvent.
And yet, as states start to reopen, leaders will first have to make many similar decisions:

  • When is it that we open again?
  • How do we open again?
  • What if someone gets worried about us (one way or another)?
  • How do we represent those who want to reopen at the same time and those who have to stay home?

We will be answering all of those questions today.
Just as Allah guided you safely through the threat of COVID 's narrow caverns, He will guide you into the haven of a new normal.
Let's dig into seven actions that can be taken by mosque leaders to reopen effectively, safely and smoothly.

1. Follow authorities 

Liaise with the local police, fire, and volunteer organizations to ensure that the plans for reopening comply with local, state, and federal legislation. Although the mosque is not a state body, the community should follow their local authorities' guidelines not only because it gives them a favorable image in the city as a mosque that works about the well-being of the general population in its municipality, but also because that is the moral thing to do.

2. Educate your community/mosque on information about reopening locally

Become the authority not only for your mosque but also for your entire local community on your local orders. People are now confused about where to get the best info about their local communities. Keep the method quick for them.

Designate a staff member for several hours per week to research the latest COVID reopening policies and conversations in your area. Part of paying close attention to yourself and your flock is by helping them understand what compliance with local authorities means.

Other than that, this is an occasion for evangelism. Individuals in your region can subscribe to the mailing list of your mosque, or visit your website for the most up-to-date information about the policies of your local municipality. Through establishing yourself in this field as an authority, word of mouth will quickly translate into an idea of the streaming mosque on a Friday or even visiting when things reopen.

Moreover, people will be more inclined to visit your mosque after it reopens by establishing a reputation as a mosque that cares about local orders because they know you care deeply about these issues. Think of this as one more idea of mosque outreach you can notch in your belt.

3. Secure and represent vulnerable community members

Work with the families in your community to help them to serve the weakest among them — whether it's a child with asthma, an elderly adult alone in a nursing home, or another pre-existing family member. That should be one of your mosques' top priorities during this period.

4. On digital mosque, double down

It's tempting to think of mosques' using the modern resources to escape the COVID pandemic as a quarantined remnant of time. For many factors, it would be a mistake. Keep your community engaged on CollabDeen platform so everyone receives updates on the go, wherever they are.

Next, not everyone automatically returns to the mosque. Some will be wary of reopening. Some also won't be willing due to a pre-existing condition. You will keep watching the mosque service online for as long as possible for their sake.
Second, the team will for many reasons be relying heavily on digital mosque resources anyway.

You don't know when there could be another pandemic, in which case scrapping the digital infrastructure would force you to reinvent the wheel. But more than that, you should be able to link your mosque to your society practically no matter what season you're in.

Creating a strong digital network that allows people to conveniently and from anywhere take part in your mosque is part of what it means to accept guests who are geographically or physically disabled.

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5. Hold small groups

At the time being, that might mean promoting more of a house mosque style. Recruit members of your congregation to host small meetings during the Friday prayers that people can sign up for and connect in the community.

6. Continue to follow elevated standards of sanitation.

Continue to practice above-normal sanitation protocol in your mosque for the sake of those who;

  • Physically require a clean space due to COVID susceptibility.
  • Have a softer conscience about how to care for those who desire to physically attend mosque.

Yes, it would be easy to say: “If they’re susceptible to COVID, they shouldn’t physically attend mosque yet!”

Make it as convenient as possible for the maximum number of people to opt for physical attendance. That's what serving those inside the body means.

7. Continue fundraising

It's tempting to pause the fundraising out of shame during a time of economic crisis. This impulse, however, is rooted in a distorted perception of giving the mosque.

Here's the reality:

Giving is an opportunity to serve Allah, bless others, and seek blessings from Allah by giving him a generous sacrifice. Don't miss out on doing good and sharing what you have. If you don't have a digital strategy for your mosque or fundraising and donation strategy for your community centre, you need to check out 5 reasons your mosque needs an app

You continue to make sacrifices that are "pleasing to God," by continuing to ask mosque attendants to give. Don't rob them of the opportunity.

Over to you

Most of the mosque members are overcome with fear in these turbulent times.

Yet ask yourself:

There are clear rules to follow, and you don't have to perfectly lead your mosque to run your mosque well.

Practice the principles of wisdom outlined above, as they are Quran Values that will lead the mosque through this tough time when you can not see the shore beyond the horizon of misery. Allah has not forsaken your mosque and has placed you in a position to believe, communicate, and exemplify that to your people.

What feels like defeat on either side will turn into a battle-worn story of disaster and glory — about how your mosque stepped up and served your community in a time of turmoil and uncertainty with light and hope.


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May Allah give your mosque all the grace and mercy it needs during this difficult time.

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