To kiosk or not to kiosk?

We know that getting information across to all members is a challenge.  A bigger screen doesn’t necessarily transmit to more audience. The biggest barrier to transmitting information and member engagement isn't a bigger screen, but rather a smaller one: the consumer's smartphone and the digital kiosk.

CollabDeen latest development is packaging the two most powerful tool to help build, grow and manage your community.  Unlike other kiosk in the market, CollabDeen Digital kiosk is integrated and in sync with the CollabDeen app platform.

So why would this be good? Here are the 7 reasons why any community ned to have the CollabDeen digital kiosk.

1. Uploading content is a breeze

Adding interactive elements into your display is a lot of work. It requires changes to the hardware, software and maintenance. It also requires you to design good interactive content to inform, lure and engage members and possible members.

Uploading content is a breeze on CollabDeen. Having them integrated and in sync means that the you only need to update content on only one platform; which is the CollabDeen App.   

That being said, you can still integrate kiosk-like elements into your display that don't cause a lot of ruckus. For example, you could integrate a QR code into a display for discounts, or you could simply place a message at the end of your content loop asking your audience to follow your community on CollabDeen or other social media platforms.

2. 2 or more is better than 1

With the kiosk now available, your community has just increased its chances for all the community aspects; Donations, Events, Membership, Volunteerism and others.

With the Digital kiosk, the community can now place them in high traffic areas such as the airport, shopping centres, market or even train stations.

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3. You save, a lot!

When is the time that a community will collect more donations?
It is only during a donation drive. Why? Because there are more people holding donation boxes going around town asking for donations.

Most of the time, the people who are doing the donation drive are volunteers or part timers.
Though it is great to have volunteers, we know that sometimes, we are met with the last minute opting out volunteers. After all its just a volunteering work. Due to this, many communities resulted in hiring part timers to assist them with donation drives. With the kiosk, you will no longer need to place aside a donation drive budget. The kiosk that is placed at your selected strategic area will be there every time, every day. Not only that, digital kiosks can also serve a multitude of purposes such as membership services, viewing of community content, volunteer management, merchandising and many more.

In summary, using a digital kiosk will save man hours, which will in turn save money for your community. Your community administrator will be able to concentrate on furthering the objectives of your community in many other ways.

4. Kiosks provide another opportunity to give

Implementing a self-service kiosk can help your community to reap big rewards. One big reason for this is that it’s easier for members to contribute or donate. Despite the generation x, y and z who are I.T natives, the community is also made of the silver and the golden generation. And, not all of them are I.T illiterate which means they still experience challenges adapting to the new technology.

With the digital kiosk, the senior members are still able to contribute to the community as the kiosk is easy to be used thus enabling anyone to give a one-time gift in seconds. What is more, donors will also receive a gift receipt via email, and they can set up a recurring donation, too.

5. Kiosk giving makes for easy reporting

Donations collected daily are normally accounted for at the end of each day.  A typical scenario at the end of each day is, your community will need to count cash, add checks, make deposits, and input the data into your community system. But, with CollabDeen Digital kiosk, accounting and reporting are made significantly easier.

No more manual counting cash/checks. No trips to the bank account. No merging data from different systems. No more risk of theft.

After donations are made, you and your team will get access to the data immediately for simple reporting and accounting.

6. Reduced risk

Although we'd like this not to be the case, crime does happen. Be it in Mosques, Community Centres or Organizations, crime pertaining stealing takes place globally, all the time.

With digital donation done via kiosk, the risk of stealing is being eliminated completely. Individuals give using their credit or debit card directly.


7. Increase Return on Investment

At the end of the day, return on investment (ROI) is the most important factor when it comes to digital kiosks. Due to upside from increased donation and engagements, throughput, and reduced costs, ROI on digital kiosk implementation is unmatched. And the proof is in the numbers, we are able to deliver examples from various communities similar to yours that show the dramatic ROI impact CollabDeen Digital kiosk can make.

How to Adopt Digital Kiosk Technology

The economic impact of the digital kiosks industry is huge: the food and beverage revenue generated from kiosks alone is expected to top $310 million by 2021. But, of course, to be adopted by communities, price and ease-of-implementation is critical.

Fortunately, inexpensive, easy-to-use kiosk solutions which truly understand the Muslim communities’ needs exist in the market. CollabDeen provides all the benefits associated with kiosks, while being very affordable and easy for communities to adopt and implement.
With a reasonably priced, easy-to-use kiosk implementation, it’s never been easier for communities to positively impact themselves.

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