More than 80 percent of people have a smartphone, and digital participation is now 2x higher for cell phone users than for desktop users. As a result, smartphone devices are more than ever at the forefront of user engagement. They are the cornerstone of a successful digital strategy and ultimately enable the community to engage and develop.

Such amazing phenomena are being seen all over the world, including in your congregation. Here are five main reasons your mosque needs the app:


Emails are often lost in crowded inboxes, and social media posts have simply glanced in endless feeds. But push notifications will get results. Compared to email, they see 50 percent higher open rates and 7 percent more interaction with your content. They're also increasing your app's overall commitment by around 90%—almost twice as much! Push notifications are an efficient, instant, and usable way to reach and educate your audience.

Many assume that mobile-friendly websites are just as effective as apps when it comes to reaching your community, but apps are constantly outperforming websites and offering much more than the website is capable of. On average, smartphone users spend more than 80% of their time on mobile devices rather than mobile websites!

Instead of fighting against the tide, Islamic community leaders should talk about reaching out to people where they are. Overall apps provide a smoother, more immersive experience that better customizes contact with your audience


When it comes to communication, mosques and organizations aim to reach out to their communities with various tools — but with what impact? In a recent survey, 95 percent of mosque leaders have confirmed that they use email, text, or Facebook groups as primary contact devices. However, in the same report, only 10% of the same leaders acknowledged that such methods were successful in building concrete ties and that their dedication to their content.

Apps are effective tools to connect and share content with your community friends, regardless of their scale. From Friday sermons to announcements to activities and more, finding a single place to go will make contact simpler for you and your community members in the vision of Smart Mosque.

CollabDeen is another great contact tool that's perfect for your unique mobile device. It provides a space to build productive relationships by sharing prayer requests, community groups, and more. CollabDeen helps your audience to stay linked while keeping your content at the forefront of their interaction.


In this digital age, many people interact with mosques online even before they physically walk inside them. CollabDeen community collaboration platform for 5 million mosques around the world is a perfect way to communicate with your family leaders, no matter where they are. It is also a great tool to extend the scope of your Masjid and spread the teachings beyond your walls to social walls.

Al Mohammed Islamic Centre is an example of a mosque having amazing success in increasing its digital scope. They're a small congregation of about 200 people, and their community app has been followed over 1,000 people since it was launched!

"CollabDeen has helped us create beautiful software, online connectivity, and mobile in a private & tursted platform — all in one simple solution to help us extend our reach ."— Mullah Basheer, Community leader.

Also, mosques without a central location excel with a digital presence. For example, Imagine mosque is a global community, with a variety of locally-led communities coming together in congregations through technology. Their mobile app & platform enables them to mobilize and manages all types of societies, irrespective of their physical location.

Each mosque and community, regardless of size and technological ability, will benefit from a mobile app to increase interaction, streamline communication, and extend their scope!


Everything we own and everything we have comes from Allah. So, when we give, we simply offer him a small portion of the abundance he has already given to us.

Giving is an expression of our thankfulness and praise to Allah. It comes from a heart of worship that recognizes everything we have and give already belongs to Allah.

We need to find a good mosque that wisely manages its financial resources for Allah's glory and help the fellow human.

CollabDeen simplifies it for you with community-driven donations, fundraising, membership, and services.


Applications are typically 1.5 times faster than desktop websites and take action much quicker. Applications store their data locally on your computer. Data processing takes place in the blink of the eye. CollabDeen also helps you save the cost of multiple other tools for example Mailchimp. You will never need to send emails for events and announcements again, CollabDeen will automate this for you.

In conclusion, there are millions of smartphone applications out there on the internet, and there are potentially millions more. Remember, people spend more and more time on smartphones, as the latest research has shown, and a virtual community should be present wherever its customers are. So, it's the perfect time to create mobile apps for Islamic Centres, Education Communities, Mosques and organizations, and make full use of 'First Movers Advantage' and let them know about your congregation and services.

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