It’s been a roller coaster of a year here at CollabDeen and with all the communities we work closely from over 32 countries - Mosques, Islamic Centers, Nonprofits and organisations. 

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished this year in the face of all the challenges that came our way. We’ve got the highlights of our 2020 but here’s a quick summary rundown on 2020

Learnings and Takeaways for 2021 & beyond for Muslim Communities

2020 is near to the end, pandemic become one of unexpected things that accompany us this year, which all people around the world, not limited to Muslim community, pushed to adapt the condition.

Vaccine as the key solution to tackle this pandemic is still in progress, so the best solution that only exists is to reduce transmission. One of the common practices that happen globally is social distancing, which limits society interaction, that impacts faith-based and business communities.

Several consequences such as massive retrenchment, online interaction and limiting the number of events like daily/Friday praying, religion courses that happened to all faiths.

Despite all problems emerging from social distancing, society shows their adaptation using technology. Pandemic becomes a catalyst for disruptive technology which makes digital and physical environments converge. 2021 and beyond will see this technology happen around, post-pandemic won’t remove this technology adoption.

Here is a quick roundup data for communities

  • World's 79% of the faith-based communities were closed for a given period
  • 75 million muslims went on to Zoom to connect with their communities since Ramadan 2020.
  • This trend is going to go big by upcoming Ramadan in April 2021. Digital platforms and Apps like CollabDeen which has Zoom integration will help as a great catalyst to connect and collaborate at all fronts.
  • Majority of mosques in cities were open for private worship with limited people, and the trend is continuing. Intelligent RSVP feature from CollabDeen has gained traction by community administrators and members for booking their prayer slots during pandemic. 

  • Mosques have quickly adopted with collaboration efforts playing online games, gamified competitions, poll and surveys part of CollabDeen App is a great start to keep people connected. This has brought unity within the community as well as with the rest of the population

  • Audio podcast was just getting popular last ramadan for Friday khutba (Qutba/speech), looking at the upcoming Ramadan, this is here going to gain further popularity with features like Audio Podcast from CollabDeen to share a speech or khutba from friday prayers, main interests is now for ladies in the community.

  • Great adaption through crisis: Mosques and communities have quickly adopted to technology and communication going fully physical to hybrid-community collaboration events within these muslim communities globally

  • Strong community bonds: More than half of our survey feedback on communities said they are very satisfied with the level of communications and information provided by community leaders
  • Technology is going to disrupt communities. Here is why you should check this article by CollabDeen on Why Your Community Needs a Mobile App? 

Here are several learning points as your takeaway for 2021 

  1. Remote collaboration and online activities

Several mosques activities either cease or postpone their physical events. Despite that happened all around the world, managing faith-based community like mosque, madrasah to business push to adapt physical event into online event in order to obey social distancing

Managing online activities with limitations to communicate on-site, communicating and collaborating remotely become a daily norm for all members. CollabDeen App for Muslim community's interaction traffic shows that there is significant increase on community to communicate and collaborate


  1. Hybrid-activities become norms that assisted with technology

As a middle ground on physical and online events, daily/weekly activities like Friday praying during a pandemic put some restriction on the numbers of people. Some mosques require their members to book places prior to the daily/Friday prayer, with preliminary health declaration and temperature check. 

In order to give everyone an opportunity to pray, priority booking needs to be set for those who didn't get the opportunity yet. CollabDeen smart booking became a mosque/Islamic centre's favourite features to be implemented globally.

In 2021 and beyond, this feature will still be relevant to give everyone a similar opportunity to book praying session or regular religion activities, if there is limited seat available, this priority booking seamlessly through CollabDeen become well-informed, especially if someone decide to cancel last minutes, it’ll automatically reallocate the seats to other people

Intelligent RSVP by CollabDeen

  1. Mosque/Islamic Center are stepping up their event from small region to nationwide or global audiences

Commuting has always become a problem for people to engage in religious activity during pre-pandemic times, some helpful technology that communities demand are searching something nearest to their common location, regardless a simple activity like praying or attend religious events 

However, pandemic shifts people’s priority from the nearest location to your genuine favourite location as their preferences. This becomes a wider opportunity for all mosque and institution management to create events remotely that are not limited to your neighbourhood attendee, which are able to cater wider audiences, and generate more revenue to your community. 

On 2021 and beyond, mosque and Islamic center won't limiting all event opportunity. People will still conduct online events to cater people from different cities, even from different countries. Hence, seamless event registration and payment integration feature on CollabDeen will still be relevant

Check CollabDeen Community App

  1. Seamless and transparency on donation and financial aid distribution 

As fintech emerged, paying donations didn't require you to do it over-the-counter, with simple action to transfer using your smartphone, you can fulfill your donation anytime, anywhere around the world. Despite many people cutting their spending, during the pandemic, CollabDeen features still shows that donations getting circulated towards more remotely, seamless and ease transaction records by community management 

At the same time, underprivileged people that recently got retrench, and need immediate financial aid are able to receive the fund easily and at the same time can have transparency and direct impact from their donation. CollabDeen Membership Management and Payment-Integration helps to give data privacy protection, and create transparency to rest assured all donors on the fund circulation

Human adaptability during pandemic shows that collaboration technology able to assist human into new normal, despite the pandemic is over, which hopefully be reach in 2021 and beyond shows that this promising technology will still relevant and become Muslim companion for community member to get latest event, seamless communication towards collaboration and payment-integration, and for community admins to manage your community easily, seamlessly and remotely. Businesses also able to collaborate and reach out to community easily using CollabDeen technology. 

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