March 17, 2019


Messages of support and solidarity delivered in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, America and Canada

Mosques in New Zealand and around the world have been inundated with floral tributes and messages of support after a massacre in Christchurch in which 49 Muslims were killed.

The strongest response from the public was in New Zealand, which is reeling in the wake of the worst peacetime mass killing in the nation’s history.

Unable to reach the mosques that were targeted by the shooter because of a cordon, people left piles of flowers and cards as close as they were allowed to go.

Mosque with flowers, symbol of peace and harmony


Flowers were laid outside a mosque in Wellington where members of the public also drew messages of support on the footpath in chalk.

There were similar scenes outside mosques in Auckland, the nation’s biggest city.

The outpouring of support for the Muslim community was so large that outside some mosques there was nowhere for well-wishers to park. Some messages read: “We love you”, “We are one” and “Forever changed”.

In Australia, the response to the massacre was similarly heartfelt, with tributes pouring into mosques across the country.

Others offered support of a different kind.

The outpouring of support continued in America where people also left candles outside mosques.


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